• Personal and professional development
  • Natural strengths and potentials
  • Work domains that suit you
  • Tailored opportunities to develop
  • Pitfalls and blind spots that hold you back
  • How to develop

  • JOBFIT – reports Candidate match – mismatch
  • Select the archetypes and competencies you seek
  • Strategic, insightful – online, fast, affordable
  • Tailored questions for Candidate and referee

  • Colleagues feedback enables individual growth
  • Designed for leaders to create high performance teams
  • Focus is on 5 team effectiveness factors
  • 360 integrates into team development
  • Online, efficient, supportive, affordable

  • Available for corporate end users, resellers and coaches
  • User friendly, your private website console
  • Online invitation completion & delivery of reports
  • Setup and access your own profiles
  • Online training videos. F2F training available
  • Affordable, efficient, secure

Smart8 JobFit WS360 – Profile development tools

What can you do with the Smart8 tools?
The Smart8, Jobfit and WS360 are breakthrough tools you can use to ensure you hire the right people, and develop your senior people into the leaders you need them to be. These are affordable, powerful tools, easily implemented online. They have a proven track record in enabling Performance Development. Leadership and Culture are what enable strategy to reach its potential. These tools provide the cultural “glue” you need, a supportive development framework your people can share, understand and discuss.

The Smart8 Jobfit Candidate Profile enables you to affordably support and advise your clients. These Smart8 tools are a great way to add value. Simple to implement, time efficient, they enable you to provide breakthrough insight and selection process

Simply, the Smart8 Development Profile is the best investment in yourself you will ever make. It is for personal and professional development. The breakthrough Smart8 takes less than 8 minutes to complete, and you do not have to answer hundreds of questions! We use archetypal images to accurately assess you, and produce a user-friendly report that makes your DIY growth and development as straightforward as possible. It has been proven highly accurate by thousands of users in many industries. Because insight is not yet change, we have written our eBook “Your work. Your life. Just smarter!” We show you the trade secrets of self-development. Invaluable when it comes to assessing ‘what to do next’.

Long experience debriefing the profile has proven it to provide insights, a framework, and a language for extremely effective developmental conversations. A proven tool for getting to the heart of the matter quickly and producing change.

The questions you ask, or fail to ask, shape the journey and destination of your life

SPACEWe have thousands of WORKsmart8 users working in the following professions or occupations:
  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • CIO
  • HR Manager
  • Airline pilot
  • Investment banking
  • Venture capital
  • Business analyst
  • Specialist doctor
  • General manager
  • Managing partner
  • Mining Industry
  • Business analyst
  • Lawyer
  • Customer service
  • Strategic HR
  • Medicine and Health
  • Physicist
  • Engineer
  • Accountant
  • Business development
  • Management consulting
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Telecoms
  • Mediation
  • Not for profit
  • Counsellor
  • Therapist
  • Executive coaching
  • Education
  • Hospital
  • Recruitment
  • Consumer goods
  • Design
  • Media
  • Executive search
  • Nursing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professional services
  • Training and development
  • Professional associations