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accred-medalWe provide accreditation training to use, debrief and administer the Smart8, and WS360.for Strategic HRM.
Initial Accreditation as an “Smart8® CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL” is gained by completion of the Level 1 Accreditation course. This qualifies you to use, administer and work with the Smart8.

The Level 1 Accreditation is suitable for HR professionals, executives, executive coaches, counselors, interested individuals, CEOs, anyone who wants to become more familiar with the Smart8, understand the possibilities of its use, or to administer it.

The training covers use of the Smart8 and WS360 as a Strategic Human Resources tool, background in the instrument and usage, both with the client and strategically. Becoming Accredited will bring many opportunities to assist people develop, coach them, develop Strategic HR in-house, recruit, and generally create business.