Archetypes [ahr – ki – type] noun. “A universal pattern of behaviour that motivates everything we do”.

Archetypes are “inner guides” within you. They are reflected in philosophy, art, literature, myth and religion—they are found everywhere, in all times and places. The influential Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung made them central to his analysis of human behaviour and character. In recent decades much research has been done into identifying archetypes. This breakthrough research has resulted in our ability to use images to quickly and accurately determine your archetypal preferences.

archetypesArchetypes reside as action potentials within the unconscious life of all people everywhere. They live in you, but even more importantly, you live in them. You were born with them. Some are natural, some are fragile in you. They are a source of your vitality.

Archetypes are like inner blueprints. Once made visible your archetypes can help you better understand yourself and others—what you are capable of, interested in and nourished by. Each archetype that comes into your life and awareness brings with it a task, a motivation, a lesson and ultimately a gift.

Archetypes can also predict your derailers—pitfall or unproductive behaviours—allowing you to understand and avoid them.

In Smart8 , archetypes are characterised as having masculine and feminine energies. Together the two halves form a whole potential which belongs to every individual. Each of us has both masculine and feminine potential—though due to the circumstances of our lives and culture, we do not always develop both sides of this potential.

The archetypes can teach you how to live and how you can develop. All the archetypes reside in you— though some are more influential and preferred than others. Your “default” preferences will always be so. However, each of us, over a lifetime, is capable of consciously developing our full range of archetypal potential, to experience the full power of the archetypes within us.

Once you know your archetypes you can use them to navigate your life, relationships, career and leadership—enabling inspired choices of which paths in life to follow and how to develop your self, your energy and your life.