jobfit-slider-imageDesigned for Recruiters, HR Managers, and Employers; the breakthrough WS8 JobFit Candidate Report tells you what you really need to know to choose the best candidate.

The two best predictors of future behaviour and success in a role, are past behaviour – ie. the Candidate’s reported top 10 competencies – and whether these are “Natural” or not. The JobFit Candidate Report tells you whether the Candidate delivers the top 10 competencies you seek. And whether they are a “Natural”, or not, at delivering them. Then you can strategically judge whether the Candidate will fit, perform and stay.

First you create a JobFit Role Profile (what you seek). The online console makes it fast and easy to select the temperament and competencies that you seek for this role. The Role Profile is easy to share around colleagues, gain input, and reach consensus on what you seek. At the touch of a button, the Role is graphically compared to any Candidate’s Smart8 Profile – clearly showing competency matches, mismatch risks, natural development areas, pitfall and blind spot behaviours the Candidate is prone to, and their likelihood.

The JobFit Candidate Report is a working document designed to be used to systematically explore, interview, and evaluate the candidate, and guide you to ask the right questions of referees. There is room to record observations and feedback, and a summary table to bring your thoughts together.

The JobFit Candidate Report is intended to be thought provoking. You don’t necessarily want a perfect fit. A high potential person may not yet fit but still have the Natural Potential to grow. The Candidate’s strengths, or some mismatch may add value, suggest a better way, or turn out to be what you are really looking for.

The JobFit Candidate Report complements other recruitment processes. The Candidate’s Profile is not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, nor ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is competency-based and some profiles are simply more suitable to your role and your team. There are benefits to diversity of profiles and the Jobfit helps you consider the potential to use different profiles constructively. The Candidate’s Full Smart8 Report is also available as part of the process and also useful at interview.

The JobFit and Smart8 offer an affordable, time efficient, and confident way of evaluating whether a Candidate will have the intensity of desire, and sought competency delivery to accomplish the goals of a Role. When you select for TRUE strengths, people then fit, perform and stay.