High Performance requires a leader to do 6 tasks well.

The cornerstone is SETTING STRATEGIC DIRECTION. Then CREATING ALIGNMENT of people with that direction. To BUILD AND SUSTAIN RELATIONSHIPS is necessary to create the cohesiveness of TEAMWORK that will execute the PLAN that DELIVERS RESULTS.
Each of these tasks are like links in a chain, each of which is necessary for a group to go from the passion that informs the VISION all the way through to DELIVER THE RESULTS. If any link in the chain is missing or damaged the results are compromised. The 24 WORKSmart8 competencies are the links in the chain of High Performance Leadership.

The Smart8 profile shows how natural strength and fragile archetypes, and competencies align with the 6 tasks that leaders must address and master. The report indicates where strengths, effort, blind spots or handbrakes may be in play. The Team Profile report shows this for groups or executive teams.

Leadership impact across these 6 tasks requires self-knowledge and self-mastery. Because the foundation of leadership is relationships founded in mutual respect, people only agree to be led because they respect who you are, how you carry yourself, how you relate to them, and what you represent. If a leader is needy, unaware or lacks the capacity for insight and self-mastery, then it will show and respect will be hard to come by.

The two fundamental principles of leadership and working in teams are:

  • You cannot do things to people, only with them
  • Climate and results follow the leaders personal style and character

Therefore successful leaders must grow and develop themselves first, before they try to grow and develop other people. That way respect can flow both ways.
“Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will rule our life and we will call it fate.” That quote from Carl Jung epitomises how a leader must identify the invisible motives, scripts and patterns that are drivers of behavior, yet out of awareness, in order to develop self-mastery.

However nobody is born into this kind of awareness and capability, it has to be earned and developed. It takes a conscious effort to become self-aware and masterful. The SMART8 profile gives you a handle on yourself. It will provide insights into your TRUE strengths, your hidden patterns, your blind spots, the “handbrakes” that hold you back, and how to set your compass for development. The WS360 allows a leader to understand how others view them.

Together these reports provide “Harvestable Moments” that allow and bring about real lasting change and continuing improvement.