The WORKSmart8 Story is a story of our passion, (it comes from the drive of our own archetypes!), is to pass on the fruits of our decades of experience in research, therapy and executive coaching. From that passion comes our vision – to give back to the community by empowering people, teams and organisations the world over to grow into their potential and create the Better Future that they consciously want. Affordably. Providing a springboard so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

For decades the professionals at Worksmart8 have counselled and coached people who wanted to grow and develop, at home and work. We know that people say – where do I start, how do I look at myself, where are the handles, and how to go about it? We know some answers to those questions. Giving them to people all over the world who want to develop the self-mastery required to consciously create their better future, that’s what this website is all about.

geoff-price-portrait Worksmart8has built into the Smart8 software the analytical psychology of Dr. Carl Jung, the archetype and competency research by Professor Dr. Harry Rump, and our own experience of enabling self-knowledge, conscious personal growth and leadership development. We gratefully acknowledge original research by Professor Harry Rump of the Jungian Institute, Netherlands into archetypal images and competencies, and his generous permission for their use.

Geoff Price, the founder of Worksmart8, is an executive coach, author, individual, couple and family therapist, and mediator with decades of experience in private practice and facilitating change within people and organisations. For well over two decades Geoff has worked and been involved in initiatives to improve health, wellbeing, self-mastery and leadership capability through greater self-awareness. He has coached executive teams, facilitated workshops for organisations and communities, and designed and facilitated personal development workshops. Geoff was CEO of Just Solutions, CEO of the Pathways Foundation, and CEO of Odin Institute Australia Pty Ltd prior to founding WorkSmart8. Geoff can be contacted at