Each Smart8 occupational archetype has certain interests, preferences, perceptions, activities and tasks that motivate, or do not motivate. The Smart8 is used to assess whether the intrinsic motivators in a particular role are likely to motivate and inspire a candidate. The Smart8 offers a unique and confident way of evaluating whether a person will have intensity of desire to be involved with, and be able to accomplish, the goals of a role, or to see and take advantage of opportunities arising.

When you select for TRUE strengths, people then fit, perform and stay.

recruitment-pageWhen an individual is in a role or situation that is consistent with their underlying archetypal preferences (and therefore needs) the individual is predisposed to feel good about self, be adaptable and exhibit positive, productive behaviours. We also know that when these archetypal preferences or needs are not met, that it predisposes the person to feel pressure and stress. In these circumstances individuals tend to exhibit less-than-effective behaviours and be less able to self-regulate their behaviours.

The Smart8® is a fast reliable online instrument that can quickly indicate whether a candidate is suitable for a proposed role. The Smart8 reports this at the archetype and competency level. It provides a written report, and a user-friendly graphical framework.

The Smart8 is able to predict likely pitfall unproductive behaviours and how each individual will react problematically under pressure or stress. The alignment of competencies (or lack of it) with natural archetypes tells a lot about a person. Fast to do, and deceptively simple, the SMART8 delivers the deep level information recruiters need to make wise choices that reduce turnover and increase performance.

The Smart8 is a breakthrough tool for recruiters, whether external HR consultants or in-house. HR consultants may use the SMART8 to create a powerful point of difference. In-house use of the Smart8 for recruitment can make big cost savings. HR professionals use the Smart8 as the basis for a strategic HRM approach – defining the people wanted, then selecting wisely based on TRUE strengths to get the right people in the right management, executive or boardroom chair. We provide a job definer so you can match roles and candidates.