Insight is not yet change

In the Smart8 eBook we show you the 8 questions you must answer to imagine and create the Better Future you want. Including the single most important question you must answer in life. But insight is not yet change. So we show you the 8 steps you need to take to put change into practice.

The eBook is your Smart8 coaching manual. But one like no other.

It shows you the 3 critical things you must do to consciously create your better future … the perfect companion to your assessment profile and report.

What the experts say …

“Our first step in meeting challenges is greater self-awareness and a change in attitudes and skills. Geoff Price’s new book focuses squarely on this massive task. This is a book for everyone.”
Professor Patrick McGorry – Australian of the Year 2010


“Of great assistance to the person who has decided to take a serious look at their condition and do something about it. Covers a lot of territory in terms of the real complexity of dealing with your issues and changing your life.”
Peter Walz – Clinical Psychologist

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Smart8 eBook