The Smart8 and WS360 enable in-house HR professionals or consultants to quickly and accurately diagnose performance problems and development opportunities within teams. Group profiles are available from WS8 for team development and workshops. They make a fine basis for team development workshops or for teams to develop themselves in creating high performance teams and culture.

The WS8 team profile shows a team’s true archetypal strengths, blind spots, natural competencies, and performance diagnostics. The profile identifies team performance problems, blindspots, and the ideal solution. Fantastic when designing teams where members complement each other, or who together, are just right for a project. Insightful in Board or exec team design, or M&A situations to determine who should be on the bus.

The WS360 feedback report is designed around our framework of factors that leaders and teams must deliver to create high performance – trust, creative, conflict, commitment and buy-in, accountability, focus on results and self-knowledge. Each of these factors has related 360 questions. The result is a personalised guide for leaders and team members as to how they must behave to create high performance.

The WS8 personal profile, the WS360, and Smart8 Team profiles are excellent resources for in-house HR professionals, or consultants, to use to create a framework for behavior, leadership and culture that leads to high performance. A DIY Team Development workshop guide is available. This allows a team to design and facilitate its own workshop, or bring in an outside facilitator.