The Smart8 has changed my life. It gave me insight I never had into how my unconscious behaviour has hindered my potential for 40 years. By being aware I have been able to modify my behaviour and as a result my personal relationships are much richer. I am also now tuned into other people and their personal state in a completely different manner that has enabled me to change how I interact with them in order to help them be more effective and in turn help me be a more effective

—NT | CFO – Healthcare

The suite of products used by WorkSmart8 provides valuable and meaningful insight into both individual and team profiles. Adding to this is the individual 360 feedback process, which augments the Smart8 process by providing leader, peer and team member feedback. Individuals and teams gain a thorough insight into individual and team based strengths, preferred operating styles, behaviours and critically areas where improvement focus is needed. The support provided by the WorkSmart team along a very insightful journey of ‘discovery’ is second to none. Having experienced many differing tools used within this area of individual and team based development, the set of WorkSmart ‘tools’ and support provided by their very experienced team of coaches in my view is second to none.
—RB | Director People and Organisation – Mining Industry

The Smart8 confirmed my understanding of some of my strengths but also identified areas where I have a natural ability to perform well but had not yet developed these skills. These are in areas in which I previously thought I would struggle to be a high performer. Being informed that I have a natural ability for these areas has inspired me and given me the confidence that I needed to overcome some mental hurdles and aim to achieve my full potential.
—AA | Business Analyst

“I was really surprised how simple the Smart8 was to do and how it could show who I am as a person. What was more amazing was with a few questions I was able to discover why I had shaped myself to become the person I am today. Now that I know the reasons for who I am today I can go about changing my outlook on life and become the person I was born to be.” – SC, administrator

“The Smart8 gave me immediate and usable insights into behaviours that were easy to identify, evaluate and target. Brilliant stuff.”
– RN | Screen Writer

“Awesome that’s got to be the word. I’ve just read my personal profile. From the first moment I knew that it was so accurate. It described, explained and linked up so many of my interactions that I have had in my life both professionally and in my personal relationships. How useful this would have been to have done 30 years ago.”
– RP

“The Smart8 has given me a realistic picture of my strengths and weaknesses and how they play out in both a positive and negative way in my life. It has given me ideas of the areas that I need to ask for help in and what areas I can realistically develop to make my work and my life more rewarding.”
– CH | Builder

“I didn’t know it was possible to so easily read into the subconscious or to what depths the answers you find illuminated. The Smart8 left me thinking for days about the path my life has taken due to a frame of mind I held but was unaware of … It was brought into focus. For such a seemingly simple tool the Smart8 revealed so much.”
– MK | Pilot

“I have been exposed to a wide variety of personality profiling approaches both as an executive (client) as well as a facilitator of assessments. I found the Smart8 produced valuable, rich insight into both my personal and professional experiences as well as offering powerful practical applications for ongoing development. The fact that the assessment is very time efficient makes the Smart8 a valuable executive level tool. I highly recommend the experience.”
– Grant Schmidt

“Experiencing the Smart8 was an excellent experience for me. I am struck at the usefulness of the feedback compared to others. It gave me easy to grasp concepts to understand my vulnerabilities and even more importantly areas of potential development to strengthen and support my leadership skills.”
– CB | Senior Government Executive


Dan Collins
Managing Director – GenesisCare Australia

“How can we establish the conscious culture that enables the next stage of business growth, and create the best environment to support individuals to change over time and for all our people to perform to their strengths & full potential?”

dan-collins“I’ve also just completed the Smart8 debrief and found it to be outstanding, enlightening and refreshing. It presents an opportunity to transform my approach to the CEO role and better align my natural strengths
with my role.”

– Dan Collins MD

The Smart8 is used for:

  • Profiling & executive coaching of leaders and talent
  • Individual personal development plans
  • Identifying & removing handbrakes to growth
  • Defining competencies desired when recruiting
  • Recruiting for TRUE natural competency alignment with role
  • Team profiling and diagnosis of strengths and handbrakes
  • Conscious hiring – fill team competency gaps & blind spots
  • Basis of facilitated team building and shared Smart8 profiles

The WS360 is used for:

  • Objective feedback that informs leadership development
  • Measuring the leaders success at encouraging a high performance culture
  • Measuring the leaders success at encouraging team effectiveness
  • Executive coaching input
  • Defining and reinforcing the desired team effectiveness culture