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Training Brochure

With the release of the new generation Smart8 products and software, WORKSmart8 offers a 1-day training course for you to attain Level 1 accreditation and a further 1-day to attain Level 2.

The Level 1 Accreditation course is for:

  • HR Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Consultatnts
  • Managers
  • Recruiters

where you will learn and practice with the Smart8 and the integrated JobFit and WS360 Profiles.

The Level 1 course for the WORKSmart8 suite of products and software will equip you to understand and use the Smart8, Jobfit and WS360 tools. Suitable for HR professionals – allows immediate use of the products in your business. Attendees are up-skilled to immediately use the Jobfit recruitment profile, and use the online console.. An Affiliate account with access to the full software suite is provided to those accredited, including to our online videos. Browse or download the Level 1 Training Brochure for course content details. Level 1 is a standalone course, and a pre-requisite for those intending to proceed to Level 2.

The Level 2 course follows on from Level 1. It is a largely experiential learning day. Highly engaging and stimulating, the course is designed to enable deeper understanding, interpretation, and usage of the instruments. There is a special focus on practical usage of the Smart8 individual and team profile, and the WS360, for coaching, counselling, consulting and team development. Attendees will leave knowing how to use the Smart8 tools to do rapid and insightful work with clients – hypothesising, developing talent, removing handbrakes, and opening up new possibilities for people and teams by helping them understand themselves and their conscious and unconscious motivations. Attendees leave equipped at new levels to understand and empower their clients, and expand their practices.