Smart8 will help you understand and develop your potential. The essential problem and opportunity that Worksmart8 addresses is that it is not possible to develop yourself into your potential when you don’t truly understand either.

So we have developed the breakthrough Smart8 to make what really drives and derails you visible. The WS8 shows true strengths and potential, how to take charge, and become the person you need to be to create the future you prefer.

Through awareness we enable you to work and live in your “sweet spot” zone.

Over the years Worksmart8 has worked with thousands of people and we know that they resonate with the following essential problems.

  • People want to develop, grow, be fulfilled and satisfied at home and work but don’t know how, or have tried and failed.
  • People are stressed, unsatisfied, or stuck in roles that don’t suit them. They want satisfaction, aligned natural strengths with their work.
  • People feel stuck with behaviour patterns, pitfalls and handbrakes that derail them at home and work – what really drives them is invisible but it will drive their life until they gain insight and turn it into change.
  • Most people cannot access or afford coaches or consultants.
  • Insight is not yet change. Change is hard. People want to turn insight into lasting change that pleases them.
  • To Lead and influence, people need self knowledge and self mastery.
  • CEOs and Leaders want their people and teams to collaborate effectively and perform to their potential … but how to do it?

The Smart8, and the ebook “Your work. Your life. Just smarter”, enable individuals and teams to gain true self understanding, and use that to grow and develop. They are the keys to the door of development, satisfaction and performance. The WS360 provides the extra illuminating viewpoint.