‘The questions you ask, or fail to ask, shape the journey and destination of your life’

What is Smart8 … the Smart8 is a personal development and profiling tool that is at the same time revolutionary, and proven by thousands of people over decades. Its power and cut through come from the fact that it uses archetypal symbols to capture the essence of your natural true self.

Your choice of archetypal symbols enables deep personality preferences, capabilities, and characteristics to be accurately expressed without concern about conscious manipulation of the outcome …. ie giving the answers expected or thought desirable. Your instinctual reaction (attraction, repulsion, or neutrality) to archetypal symbols reveals your underlying functional preferences, your natural style. This delivers a high degree of accuracy of reported style, preference and inclination.

Using its wealth of embedded analytical psychology knowledge the Smart8 makes sense of inputs and confidently delivers insights into your TRUE motives, behaviour preferences, leadership strengths, derailers and handbrakes, and of course your development opportunities.

There is a dynamic interaction between your archetypes. These dynamics explains why a person’s whole is greater than the sum of their parts. The Smart8 creates a nuanced picture of this dynamic by assessing and putting the archetypes into a preferred hierarchy, and by showing how related functions are expressed through external and inner dynamic competencies.

Smart8 is a development profile that will report deep insights into your nature and potential. We report on the patterns you have developed, and how you can best develop to suit your nature by using the 8 task competencies, the 8 people competencies, and the 8 inner dynamic competencies. These are the ones that really matter at work, and home.

Your report will provide you with self-understanding, enable choices that otherwise could not be made, and will lead you toward conscious self-mastery, the cornerstone of contentment, good relationships, and high performance.

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