The WS360 feedback report compliments the Smart8. WS360 provides the vital view of you by other people. The WS360 is designed around our framework of factors that leaders and teams must deliver to create high performance – trust, creative, conflict, commitment and buy-in, accountability, focus on results and self knowledge. Each of these factors has related 360 questions. The result is a personalised guide for leaders and team members as to how they must behave to create high performance.

The 360 report allows text based answers to like/less/more questions, and to the team effectiveness questions, its graphical report shows not just average scores, but the distribution of scores within feedback groups which is very effective at identifying outlier feedback. For each question there is a net promoter score also. The feedback, by group of respondent, is graphically displayed for a fast overview. The Smart8 competencies and derailers observed by respondents are also reported.

This not only powers up individual self-knowledge and self-mastery. When done in teams it is the basis for DIY self-development of High Performance Teams.